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Five Tips to Nail Your Next Interview

I’ve interviewed lots of candidates for jobs at all levels of the organization, in the past seven years. What surprises me in many of these interviews is that even candidates with tremendous experience make terrible interviewing errors that I’d expect from someone with little experience. Therefore, to help every person I ever interview or any […]

Afraid of public speaking? Start Here

Whether you’re a good public speaker (or a terrified one!) there are ways to improve your public speaking. Below I’ve included some general tips for effective public speaking that you can focus on, no matter your level as a speaker. Identify the occasion and the desired impact:  This the easiest way to know where to […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Schedule That Next Meeting

No matter what field you’re in, meeting management matters. It’s impossible to work without collaboration and like it or not (and most people don’t), meetings are a part of professional life. That said, a well-run meeting can make working much easier. In the next two posts, I will share how to plan effectively for a […]