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Are you thinking this?

I have SO many ideas for my presentation but I can’t structure them….

This is a common problem that many of my clients face. I usually take their brain dump of ideas and craft compelling speech copy, presentations and talking points from those ideas.

I’m not sure how to start my speech

That’s why you have me. I take your ideas, your work, your voice and your speech goals, and come up with a compelling beginning, middle and end to your speech. And I help you prep to present, if you want it.

I’m presenting at this important conference… AND I haven’t prepared yet (and there’s 2 days left!)

Join the club. At least half my clients come to me when they’ve almost run out of time to deliver. Luckily for them (and you) I’m great under pressure. I turn around speech drafts and presentations virtually overnight (or very close).

Others speak effortlessly. Why can’t I?

Those people probably have help! With me, you do too. It’s not effortless, but it is simple with the right support.

I want to deliver this presentation but I don’t have time to work on it…

Of course you don’t. You are too busy working to have time for this, and chances are your staff lacks the time, knowledge or skill to help you. That’s why I’m here.

I don’t want to fail or let people down…

Admitting you need support is the first step. Using my expertise to help you with your speech, presentation or speech prep, will ensure you deliver.

I freeze up in job interviews

You’re not alone. That’s why when I teach you how, you’ll speak confidently and effectively– and truly stand out at your next interview.

I HAVE to say something motivational. Now what?

You have it in you to share a motivational message, and I use your ideas, my observations of your voice and speaking style to craft a speech or presentation that will connect with your audience, no matter who they are.


I’m Mishri Someshwar and I help ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs  craft effective speeches, develop compelling presentations and prepare for successful job interviews.  I give you the tools to achieve exactly what you want: to be known, respected and rewarded for your work and expertise. I do this by helping you sound like the best version of yourself.

My clients have ranged from West Coast startup founders to east coast entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 company executives to small business owners.

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